What’s The Apt Age to Start Preparing for JEE


With each year, there are few changes announced by CBSE for Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). This year, it has been online adaptive testing & assessment. CBSE, the examination conducting body is making the entry barriers tougher to get admissions into prestigious engineering colleges, IIT.

As soon as a student enters the class 11, the student starts feeling the burden of school assignments, coaching assignments, special classes and commuting for tuition. The schedule is so tight that the students doesn’t get the time for self-study and conceptual clarity. With this, a student’s shoulders start feeling the load and to lower this load, some of the coaching institutes came up with the solution of integrating schooling and coaching.

To help the students lower their burden, achieve the goals and score the best as per their potential, PACE started its own PACE JUNIOR SCIENCE COLLEGES.

The rising competition is creating chaos among students and their parents to start their preparation at the earliest. As per the feedback of the successful students, few coaching institutes start mentoring the students for Class 7 and some others institutes start mentoring them from class 9.

Since there is huge transformation of curriculum from class 10 to class 11, coaching or special courses help the students to create a harmony between school education and competitive exam preparation. The benefits given below add advantages to the JEE preparation of students who start early:

  • Creates strong foundation, conceptual clarity and boosts confidence
  • Strengthens analytical skills for problem-solving
  • Develops logical & reasoning skills to give competitive edge over others
  • Helps the students to choose their own career path
  • Brushes the skills to understand the subject thoroughly
  • Assesses students’ abilities and scientific aptitude at an early age
  • Identifies students’ potential and capabilities

Though starting JEE preparations from class 6 or class 7 is not advisable as it is too early but starting from class 11 directly is also not suggested due to instant overload. Hence, the right age is when the student is in class 9. The following reasons stand as testimony why coaching classes for JEE preparation should start from class 9:

A directive approach at nascent age

As the class 10 begins, the pressure starts to build up. However, during class 9, there is no pressure but have a basic understanding and strong fundamental knowledge that can be taught to create a directive approach for the future as students are not able to build a grip for class 11 and class 12 curricula. Students need to understand that starting JEE preparation at an early age doesn’t mean you have to start the curriculum of those classes but to build a strong foundation and create an approach for that class.

Students tend to be mature at this age

During class 9 students are mature enough to think about their future and choosing career option. Role of parents is of utmost importance during this phase. They should not create any pressure but help and support their children to make a career move. Students may not be able to understand the importance of competition and competitive examinations but with the help of proper guidance, they tend to get a better position to choose a career path.

Light schedule & availability of free time

As compared to class 10 & higher classes, class 9 students get plenty of time after school, studies and play. This time can be utilized for better future planning. A proper schedule, mentoring and guidance can help the students to get a direction for competitive examinations after spending some time relaxing.

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