The various things that a student is asked


In the traces of technical-scientific scope the student is asked to argue a thesis starting from texts that deal with technological issues, scientific discoveries, and technical disciplines. This type of work is used to demonstrate, solve, clarify or explain something. For this reason it is useful to leverage on the issues of which we already have technical knowledge, to avoid making statements of which we are not sure. If you need professional writing companies, visit

How to Do and How to Start a Short Way

Which type of proposed track is best suited to your preparation, your knowledge? When choosing a track, you need to be sure that you are able to respond to what you are asking for “delivery”, that is, to the requests that are supplied with the documents. The traces present in the dossier (so-called documents that the Miur makes available) should be read, compared and interpreted and the essay should be developed also inspired by their own knowledge and personal experiences. For this reason it is useful to keep informed through TV, web and newspapers on both national and international news, especially during the months that separate you from maturity.

The sources

The first step to carrying out a short essay is to read carefully all the material contained in the track given by the professor or the Miur during the State Exam. It can be newspaper articles, excerpts from works of different kinds, numerical data, graphs, tables, photos, etc. The aim is to be able to have clear ideas on what support the various sources that you will have to mention within the composition. Locate the order in which to expose them and for what purpose you will need to use them. Whenever you mention a source to support your thesis, you will have to explain the reason why you chose it and the reasoning you are following. We recommend highlighting the key words, highlighting the most important steps, comparing the texts available and, if you need them, taking notes in the margin. And remember that it is not necessary to mention all the documents that make the track available to you.

Style and length

Before starting to write you have to ask yourself who is the audience you are addressing to. Being a critical and argumentative treatment you have to imagine that the ideal reader of your short essay is an expert on the subject you are going to develop. Do not dwell more than necessary on the explanation and the utterance of the theme just to lengthen the stock. The digressions are not useful for your work which, in the end, should not exceed 4-5 columns of the protocol sheet. Rather, give ample space to your thesis, enriching it with references and citations that can support it, making sure that this emerges clearly.

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