Studnet at Library Apps For Accounting Majors


Smartphones make it very easy for accounting majors to keep track of records. There are plenty of apps for accountants that can be utilized to avoid making mistakes. Accounting majors should take note of the applications currently available on the market, and keep a finger on the pulse of what’s to come. Figure out which application you find the best fit for your style so that once you land a job you can have an easy time tracking financial records. You should figure out what type of applications would best suit your needs as an accounting major for school and beyond. It’s a good idea to start getting a feel for different applications to have more to add to your resume, since mobile apps are changing the way the financial industry runs.

FinancialForce Mobile

FinancialForce is primarily a computer-based software firm, but they have recently begun offering mobile applications as well. The app available is optimized for smartphones. You can easily track invoices, accounts, and transactions on the go so that you will always have access to information. This application allows you to store contact information with business professionals so that you can easily create new invoices. You can also manage different accounts so that you do not have to worry about mismanaging money.


The application that many accounting professionals use on their computer is also available on mobile devices. The Quickbooks application allows you all the same features you may be used to using on your computer in the palm of your hands. You can add customers, items, memos, and estimated cost of each transaction completed. This app makes it easy to keep track dates for all of your transactions so you have a detailed record of any spending and selling that took place in a given month. This application is ideal for business professionals that conduct business away from the office. Quickbooks for mobile devices is available as a free download.


One of the most exciting free applications that accountants use is Xero. This application has caught the attention of a lot of mobile phone users since you can connect different bank accounts together. A unique feature this application offers is the ability to connect add-on applications. Xero allows you to connect with other applications such as PayPal. This application can help you complete a variety of transactions through bank accounts and pay services like PayPal all in one place. Xero is available on both the iPhone and Android as a free download.

The application you choose to use for accounting purposes can make a significant impact on how you handle business relations. It’s important to find an application that you can trust to be reliable so that you do not lose any sensitive data. Coordinate with your computer program and update both so that if one were to crash you have a backup readily available. In today’s world, most people are spending more and more time on the go, working with their smartphone or tablet. A lot of savvy people are using their mobile devices to create invoices, track financial records, and complete transactions through accounting applications. Figure out how to use one of the applications presented to make your job as an accountant easier to handle.

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