Most powerful trends of online education in K-12 schools


With the advancement in technology and the growing dependence on technology, k-12 schools are also adopting technological innovations in their knowledge delivery process. K-12 schools are highly focused on creating ways to offer effective learning to students and that too in the most cost-effective way.

The popularity of online learning has persuaded the development of a variety of web-based learning processes. Blended learning and mobile learning models are gaining popularity at rapid scale. Over the past few years, K-12 schools in all districts are looking to incorporate technology and digital content to achieve the best results. The aim of K-12 schools at present is to incorporate competency-based learning so that more number of students can get enhanced learning experience.

Below are some of the leading trends of online education in K-12 schools. Have a look here:

1. More emphasis on blended learning: In recent years, blended learning opportunities have gained tremendous growth potential. A lot of K12 schools at district levels have adopted blended learning so as to gain the experience before investing on an expensive learning management system. There are numerous ways of incorporating blended learning methods and it is evolving slowly with time. According to experts, blended learning has value-oriented results in the learning and development sector.

2. Competency based learning is gaining ground: With the introduction of technology and online learning modules, competency based learning is gaining momentum. Technological growth and incorporation of web based application allow the students to receive instructions individually and offer them the opportunity to learn at their own expedience.

3. Increased use of Mobile-based learning: Mobile based learning has made traditional classrooms virtual virtual & has extended its reach. In a report of a survey, it has been found that mobile learning could grow as quickly as other components of online and blended learning. The extensive use of Smart phones, Notebooks and other devices or software based gadgets.

4. Comprehensive use of Instructional content: Instructional content is very important, for an effective learning process. The traditional teaching method of choosing the curriculum through textbooks is no more in the scene. The portable learning is more convenient, so it encourages the extensive use and growth of instructional content.

5. Increasing importance of a learning management system: The rapid growth of online learning has a latest dimension with the launch of Learning Management System. If there is an effective learning management system, both students and teachers gain a convenient platform for effective instructions. This system helps organizers to analyze and evaluate the performance of both student and teacher that leads to the effective growth & development of a learning process and also improves the overall performance of students.

At present, many innovations are taking place in an online K-12 educational system to make the online learning process more effective or successful. Most of the schools are implementing these learning systems to make the teaching learning process more effective and achieve better results. Besides this, most of the students are opting for online tutoring also, as it saves both time and money.

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