Best Gadgets for Assignment Writing


Who doesn’t love to save time and effort? We live in a technologically advanced age where there’s seemingly a gadget for everything. Why shouldn’t a student who is pressured by multiple deadlines and insufficient time to fit in all their extracurricular activities AND have a social life look to gadgets to make life easier? The trouble is there are so many so it’s important to only invest your student funds in gadgets that will truly help either save time or make studying and assignments easier. Here are our recommendations.

Dictaphone/Voice Recorder

A Dictaphone is a nifty little gadget for taking notes and recording ideas whenever you’re on the move. If you get a really good one, you should even be able to record your lectures to playback at your convenience. (This means you can either cop a crafty snooze or do other work for a different subject while the lecturer is doing the business.) If you have a smartphone (who doesn’t?) then there are apps available that turn your phone into a Dictaphone.

Smart Pen

It’s hard to recommend products that cost a lot tobudget-strapped students but when it is a gadget that will save you amazing time and effort over your entire college life, the payback is definitely worth the investment. The gadget in question is a Neo Smartpen. This wondrous little device might look like an ordinary pen but it works with either the companion app or special notebooks to capture digital copies of whatever you write or draw. The app lets you organize your notes into multiple notebooks, but the real beauty is that it can convert your handwritten notes into plain text, making the notes searchable. Saving your notes to your computer lets you work with them offline and without your mobile device. Your notes can be synced with Evernote and you can also share them via social media. Dare to say, this pen can make note taking and writing essays fun.

Daylight Lamp

One of the worst things about writing assignments – especially long ones like your dissertation or thesis – is the feeling of isolation and also feeling tied to your desk/computer. It is also common for many students to work late into the night. A great way of coping with this and simply improving your working environment is to buy a daylight lamp. Although still an artificial light, a daylight lamp creates a light that very close to natural sunlight. So even if you don’t want to tackle your own assignment and are browsing TopAussieWriters to find the best essay writing service, you have the visual advantage of a good light.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

These are a godsend for anyone who share a college dorm room or lives in a house share with multiple occupants. There are various schools of thought as to whether music is a good accompaniment to studying but whether you put on a few tunes or not, you can use headphones to drown out any background noise.

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